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German VS-Verlag publishes ‘Erfahrungsweitergabe unter Auslandsentsandten’ by J. Hormuth

Julia reports on a study with a leading German industrial company from the automotive industry. She explains how experienced expatriates of the company can pass on their experiences in conversation, and what critical communicative challenges may hinder this process of communcative experience transfer.

Article by J. Hormuth in Wissensmanagement-Magazin (Knowledge management magazine)

The magazine is the leading German publication focusing exclusively on knowledge management issues for executives. In her contribution, J. Hormuth presents a number of measures which her research has shown to be successful when companies want to support their staff in passing on implicit knowledge to colleagues.

Münscher Relationship Management 2008

Article by R. Münscher on intercultural relationship management and training

Robert Münscher presents selected results from the TRIM-Study (Trust Relations in Intercultural Management). Using the example of how managers deal with agreements and rules he shows how cultural differences can mislead the assessment of trustworthiness. Moreover, he sketches basic elements of a corresponding intercultural relationship management training for German-French collaboration.