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Successfully training intercultural skills requires the right combination of methods

According to the specific requirements of intercultural management training we have developed and well-proven a set of methods. There is a combination of methods we have found to be particularly effective.

Our training methods

Handing on the key
Handing on the key

We work with different training and facilitation techniques combining both experience-based and knowledge-based approaches:

  • Critical incident technique and case studies on intercultural collaboration
  • Film sequences including professional intercultural triaining films, movie scenes, or advertising spots.
  • Facilitated reflection of personal intercultural and interactional experiences
  • Roleplays, interculturel simulations and management games
  • Video analysis of participants' interactional communication and behaviour

We attach great importance to realizing the learning potential from well-facilitated exchange of personal experiences among participants.

Our consulting methods

Consulting means ‘together'
Consulting means ‘together'

We work with a number of consulting techniques and analytical tools with a shared background in communication analysis and social science:

  • Systemic process consulting and systemic management coaching
  • Diagnostic tools for analysing participants distinct cultural and trust assessment profiles
  • Qualitative conversation techniques from professional interviewing
  • Analysis of communicative processes and structures within the company
  • Storytelling as a method for knowledge management and change processes