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Consulting and training for intercultural management issues since 2005

We have been working as JHRM consulting and training team since 2005. We set up the company out of our joint fascination for the challenges and chances of intercultural collaboration – as well as our own intercultural experiences.

Cultural-general approach

J. Hormuth in conversation
J. Hormuth in conversation

We work with a cultural-general approach wich facilities intercultural consulting and training across a variety of cultures. To date, we have realized training and consulting interventions concerning the collaboration of German managers with colleagues and business partners from Southwestern Europe (France, Spain, Portugal), Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Poland), Latin America (Mexico, Brazil), Asia (China, India, Japan).

In any culture-specific intervention, we work with a large number of examples from different national cultures. Our training philosophy aims at enhancing interpersonal interaction skills for dealing with people who are different – that’s ‘intercultural relationship management’.

In the JHRM team we discuss and optimize our training methodology continuously. Given our simultaneous practical training and academic qualification in intercultural management, we aim at working by high quality standards. 

JHRM history and academic foundation

Speech by R. Münscher
Speech by R. Münscher

Simultaneously with starting-up JHRM we realized two research projects in intercultural management for our PhDs. Both projects were clearly focused on practical use and we realized them in close collaboration with multinational companies and their managing staff. We researched topical issues in HR development (Transfer of intercultural experience among expatriate managers) and international management (Trust development in intercultural management).

In the starting phase of JHRM we focused on skills training in academia while developing and testing our methodology. We then increasingly switched to working for companies and other institutions.

JHRM partners

In our projects we cooperate with qualifed consulting and training partners from our personal network. The decision on partners depends on the requirements of the project and is taken jointly with our clients. 

ESB Reutlingen and CSI Heidelberg

Besides running JHRM as managing partners, we both wear a ‘another hat’: Julia Hormuth is professor in Intercultural Management and Business Communication at the ESB Business School of Reutlingen University. Robert Münscher is Head of Advisory Services of the Centre of Social Investment of Heidelberg University.