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We help building a positive and trust-based culture in your team.

Today's project teams in companies or organisations usually involve members from different national cultures, or with different cultural backgrounds. These intercultural teams tend to run into a number of typical conflicts. We support teams and project managers to identify, analyse and resolve those conflicts.

Successful project collaboration

Promoting teams
Promoting teams

Not suprisingly, the tools and techniques from intercultural management facilitate intercultural collaboration. However, according to our experience those tools and techniques can be extremely useful for resolving or avoiding conflicts between different company sites, departments or social cultures. Those ‘cultural' conflict zones can profit very much a professional intercultural approach, too.

As external consultants we support intercultural teams in kick-off phases as well as when conflicts arise. We then use the presence of different cultures in the team pro-actively to facilitate an authentic, accepted and successful process of conflict resolution and team-building.