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Intercultural management: Successful leadership and negotiation in international environments

Our consulting, training and coaching interventions aim at supporting managers from different cultures with intercultural challenges in contexts like leadership, team-building or negotiation. We help them to develop trust-based and effective ways of collaborating with others.

Trust building in intercultural management

Intercultural Management
Intercultural Management

Both in business as in adademia the intercultural challenge has gained more and more attention in the last decades. The reason for that is the growing understanding on boardroom floors and managerial levels that cultural difference can have considerable influence on whether international business relationships fail or succeed. Intercultural management nowadays is considered to be an independent and multifaceted discipline in both academia and pratice – which makes available numerous insights and tools.

While in the early days of intercultural management the focus was on pointing out the relevance of cultural differences for international business, today the specific managerial fields have come into view, including intercultural negotiation, intercultural marketing, intercultural project management or intercultural leadership.

Our intercultural consulting, training and coaching interventions address the intercultural challenges for managers in these specific fields. In doing so, our guiding principle is to support the development of trust between colleagues and partners from different cultures. We provide participants with knowledge on relevant cultural differences and help them develop and train intercultural strategies. Our aim not only is to help you avoid cultural misunderstandings and conflicts but also to profit from the potential of cultural synergies.