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TRIM study filmlet presents research on German-French trust misunderstandings

In a 2-minutes filmlet, Robert Münscher briefly presents the TRIM study. The video points out the difficulties of trust development in intercultural business contexts and gives a glimpse into the study results. It was produced in the course of the application process for the 2010 Ludwig-Erhard-Prize.

Inaugural lecture of J. Hormuth at ESB Business School

In her inaugural lecture of being appointed the chair of „Intercultural Management and Business Communication“ at the European Business School (ESB) of Reutlingen University, Julia Hormuth gave an overview of current trends and topics of intercultural management research. The universites president, Prof. Dr. Nieß, complimented her at the subsequent reception.

Article by J. Hormuth in ‘German Journal of Research in Human Resource Management'

In her contribution, J. Hormuth explains how Human Resource Management can benefit from applying Discourse Analysis in various ways. Discourse Analysis is a scientific methodology that allows for systematically analysing and understanding communicative processes in order to find ways to improve communcation.